c4f476 Implemented a way to configure submissions
hazbo wants to merge refs/pull/36/head into refs/heads/master
2016-01-29 19:23:49
126f9f Typo in example git commit log output
pra85 wants to merge refs/pull/38/head into refs/heads/master
2016-01-29 11:21:42
bc1622 Display error message in case none is displayed by git command
jishi9 wants to merge refs/pull/37/head into refs/heads/master
2016-01-28 15:37:23
708d7c Implemented a way to configure submissions
hazbo wants to merge refs/pull/36/head into refs/heads/master
2016-01-28 10:59:38
f9baef Add an optional 'Status' field to the robot comments object.
[email protected] wants to merge refs/heads/ojarjur/analyses-status into refs/heads/master
2016-01-27 20:33:17
c663c5 Using the same constant for the comment file name
hazbo wants to merge refs/pull/34/head into refs/heads/master
2016-01-27 10:45:02
7dd2de Formalize how to handle multiple review requests on a commit.
[email protected] wants to merge refs/heads/ojarjur/properly-pick-latest-request into refs/heads/master
2016-01-22 01:27:24
dfdd15 Consolidate the editor logic into a single place, and make it more reliable.
[email protected] wants to merge refs/heads/ojarjur/more-editor-support into refs/heads/master
2016-01-13 18:28:40
8db99d Split out the summary of a review into a separate struct.
[email protected] wants to merge refs/heads/ojarjur/review-summary into refs/heads/master
2016-01-05 21:27:20
299318 Added a reject subcommand
hazbo wants to merge refs/pull/18/head into refs/heads/master
2016-01-04 23:41:30
2a2f05 Possible bug fix for thread comment status
hazbo wants to merge refs/pull/23/head into refs/heads/master
2016-01-04 23:10:34
ec1a0b Check that parent comment exists before creating a comment
jishi9 wants to merge refs/pull/27/head into refs/heads/master
2016-01-04 23:06:47
2016-01-04 18:28:59
df3246 Check that parent comment exists before creating a comment
jishi9 wants to merge refs/pull/27/head into refs/heads/master
2015-12-26 21:15:32
2015-12-24 00:12:52
8cd865 Respond to public feedback on our documentation
[email protected] wants to merge refs/heads/ojarjur/better-docs into refs/heads/master
2015-12-18 21:17:54
9a607b Added links to Eclipse and Jenkins plugins
hazbo wants to merge refs/pull/14/head into refs/heads/master
2015-12-18 17:07:17
09aecb Force default git editor when omitting -m
hazbo wants to merge refs/pull/12/head into refs/heads/master
2015-12-17 22:10:35
c5deec Making use of code blocks and adding a 'Contributing' section
AaronCritchley wants to merge refs/pull/4/head into refs/heads/master
2015-12-17 10:37:18
fd4109 Fix typo in README
stp-ip wants to merge refs/pull/5/head into refs/heads/master
2015-12-17 07:55:36
8cb887 Fix a bug where requesting a review would fail with an erroneous message.
[email protected] wants to merge refs/heads/ojarjur/fix-request-bug into refs/heads/master
2015-12-17 01:32:44
3b223a Add the ability to submit an arbitrary review.
[email protected] wants to merge refs/heads/ojarjur/submit-arbitrary-review into refs/heads/master
2015-12-16 19:13:43
f68fce Added error message for leaving empty comments
hazbo wants to merge refs/pull/9/head into refs/heads/master
2015-12-16 16:25:45
3ec9d2 Small tweaks to satisfy the go lint tool
hazbo wants to merge refs/pull/6/head into refs/heads/master
2015-12-15 23:28:21
2c9bff Improve the error messages returned when a git command fails.
[email protected] wants to merge refs/heads/ojarjur/improve-error-messages into refs/heads/master
2015-12-12 01:15:14
6302bf Populate the default commit message when submitting a review with the --merge option.
[email protected] wants to merge refs/heads/ojarjur/populate-default-merge-message into refs/heads/master
2015-12-09 23:37:25
d9f03e Changed the logic that calls into git to always cascade errors upwards.
[email protected] wants to merge refs/heads/ojarjur/cascade-all-errors into refs/heads/master
2015-12-03 18:28:37
ddbdcb Usability improvements for showing reviews:
[email protected] wants to merge refs/heads/ojarjur/improve-show into refs/heads/master
2015-11-11 22:33:04
2015-11-11 04:06:44
77cc7f BREAKING CHANGE: Improve consistency of the command line interface.
[email protected] wants to merge refs/heads/ojarjur/comment-on-arbitrary-review into refs/heads/master
2015-11-06 19:33:26
2015-11-04 00:11:25
c51a0d Incremental improvements to the command line surface:
[email protected] wants to merge refs/heads/ojarjur/diff-options into refs/heads/master
2015-11-03 20:08:36
c3e90d Changed the logic for the list command to filter out closed reviews.
[email protected] wants to merge refs/heads/ojarjur/filter-list-output into refs/heads/master
2015-10-28 18:47:46
2015-10-26 23:46:49
e807a9 Added the ability to accept an arbitrary review given the hash
ojarjur wants to merge refs/pull/3/head into refs/heads/master
2015-10-23 18:18:59
4be1ef Added the ability to accept an arbitrary review given the hash
ojarjur wants to merge refs/heads/ojarjur/accept-arbitrary-review into refs/heads/master
2015-10-21 21:38:35
911d31 Added the ability to view the diff for a specific review.
[email protected] wants to merge refs/heads/ojarjur/track-base-commits into refs/heads/master
2015-10-14 21:49:20
e90f75 Fix config line bang quoting
scottmcmaster wants to merge refs/pull/2/head into refs/heads/master
2015-08-31 21:12:43
fcc9b4 Add a .travis.yml config file, for continuous integration
[email protected] wants to merge refs/heads/ojarjur/add-travis-config into refs/heads/master
2015-08-24 22:38:54
5d9b0f Replace \"%s\" with %q in printfs
chrsmith wants to merge refs/pull/1/head into refs/heads/master
2015-08-23 03:47:00
7ff680 Updated to use our github repo for the import paths and setup instructions
[email protected] wants to merge refs/heads/ojarjur/update-import-paths into refs/heads/master
2015-08-21 22:57:36
2015-07-21 19:35:23
eb6d06 Added version fields to the comment and request metadata formats
[email protected] wants to merge refs/heads/ojarjur/metadata-versions into refs/heads/master
e4e48e Updated the codebase to use the tool's final name, "git-appraise"
[email protected] wants to merge refs/heads/ojarjur/rename into refs/heads/master
def9ab Added the ability to show a specific review rather than just the current one
[email protected] wants to merge refs/heads/ojarjur/show-arbitrary-review into refs/heads/master
9430e1 Added a CONTRIBUTING file
[email protected] wants to merge refs/heads/ojarjur/contributing into refs/heads/master
8733fa Add the final two commands, "accept" and "comment".
[email protected] wants to merge refs/heads/ojarjur/add-commands into refs/heads/master
82e297 Set the exit status to a non-zero value when a command fails
[email protected] wants to merge refs/heads/ojarjur/set-exit-code into refs/heads/master
62f1f5 Initial skeleton... still a W.I.P.
[email protected] wants to merge refs/heads/ojarjur/skeleton into refs/heads/master
5a4cea Initial support for continuous integration statuses.
[email protected] wants to merge refs/heads/ojarjur/ci-refs into refs/heads/master
3172f6 Fix golint errors.
[email protected] wants to merge refs/heads/ojarjur/fix-golint-errors into refs/heads/master
0f5fa6 Add implementations of the pull and push subcommands.
[email protected] wants to merge refs/heads/ojarjur/push-and-pull-commands into refs/heads/master
0841c9 Change to follow the idiomatic golang directory structure.
[email protected] wants to merge refs/heads/ojarjur/idiomatic-package-structure into refs/heads/master