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@@ -5,6 +5,19 @@ server to provide a nice web interface to view your self-hosted git repositories
without the overhead of a full on git repository management tool like
* Implement [smart http protocol][] so things like `cargo install --git` will work. (Cargo uses libgit2 which doesn't
support the dumb http protocol. May as well support the smart http protocol
(assuming it's not too difficult) instead of requiring a separate http server
for it.)
[smart http protocol]:
## Developing
If building on OS X with a `homebrew` installed copy of OpenSSL you'll need to
@@ -17,6 +30,3 @@ OPENSSL_LIB_DIR=`brew --prefix openssl`/lib \
OPENSSL_INCLUDE_DIR=`brew --prefix openssl`/include \
cargo build